Sheldon Adelson Still Opposing Legalizing Online ScratchCards

Mon, 2012-04-30 01:23

With the U.S. online gambling market heating up, there are daily developments form interested parties who are trying to protect and expand their current gambling interests.

There is the real possibility of online scratch cards becoming available to U.S. players as many states look to benefit from scratch card revenues. With election year in full force, taxes generated from scratch cards provide an attractive option to raising taxes.

One such party is gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson who is the Las Vegas Sands Owner and one of the most influential players in the gambling world today.

Adelson has long been an opponent for legalizing online gambling in the USA and in a report in the Las Vegas Sun recently reiterated this view once again.

Adelson is a staunch Republican supporter and has global gambling interests. He believes that online gambling will be harmful on moral grounds as he described online gambling as having a casino in every home.

Many skeptics feel that Adelson’s objections are more for pragmatic reasons as land casino are sure to lose out on income if online gambling is legalized. Adelson himself was quoted as saying that at land casino revenues could drop between 10-20%.

With the proliferation of online scratch cards, it has never been so easy o scratch away on your chosen scratch games without leaving your home. The convenience and accessibility of the modern day scratchcard have made them the premier choice of many when deciding to have a flutter.

In the interview Adelson also released some interesting information in that he has been approached by influential Democrat senator Harry Reid of Nevada who is pushing for legalizing online poker.
Adelson said that many interested parties were attempting to convince him to change his position on legalizing online gambling.